New Painting Appears in Biennial Faculty Exhibition

A very large painting I’ve been working on sporadically since the winter of 2014 was finished just in time for the fall Biennial Faculty Exhibition. I had been hoping to complete it because I was anxious to see it outside of my cramped studio and under traditional gallery lights. The canvas was so big it barely negotiated the corners in my outer office or fit through the door frame. Here is an image of the work.

Hiccup, 2014-15, acrylic on canvas, 67" x 90"

Hiccup, 2014-15, acrylic on canvas, 67″ x 90″

Unfortunately for the presentation on this site, there are optical effects in the painting that cannot be captured in a digital image; they can only be seen in person and become more apparent as one moves from left to right or right to left in relationship to the painting.


Painting Now Exhibition at SUVA in Tucson

Recurrence, a painting I completed in 2013, is to appear in Painting Now, an exhibition focused on contemporary trends in painting  at Southwest University of Visual Arts in Tucson, Arizona. The exhibition opens November 8 and runs through December 5. It features work by artists from across the nation.


 Recurrence, 2013, acrylic on paper, 30″ x 22″ ©

Mapping at the Katonah Museum of Art

Lewis and Clark will soon be appearing in Mapping: Memory and Motion in Contemporary Art, October 3, 2010-January 9, 2011, at the Katonah Museum of Art in Katonah, New York. The exhibition is the curatorial project of Sarah Tanguy, an independent curator and critic, as well as Curator with the Art in Embassies Program, Washington, D.C. It features work by 38 artists, notably Vernon Fisher, Joyce Kozloff, and Paula Scher. An illustrated catalogue will be produced to accompany the exhibition.

Regarding the exhibition, Sarah Tanguy wrote, “Mapping: Memory and Motion in Contemporary Art takes a look at current map-based art works that originate or draw on actual locations. Encompassing the stars, the land, and the built environment, the exhibition will bring to life exciting strategies that artists have used to chart or track their subjects, distilling them into art objects and activities that choreograph location through time and space.”

Sarah Tanguy has curated over 150 exhibitions since 1983. For more information on her past projects, visit  sarahtanguy.com