New Painting Appears in Biennial Faculty Exhibition

A very large painting I’ve been working on sporadically since the winter of 2014 was finished just in time for the fall Biennial Faculty Exhibition. I had been hoping to complete it because I was anxious to see it outside of my cramped studio and under traditional gallery lights. The canvas was so big it barely negotiated the corners in my outer office or fit through the door frame. Here is an image of the work.

Hiccup, 2014-15, acrylic on canvas, 67" x 90"

Hiccup, 2014-15, acrylic on canvas, 67″ x 90″

Unfortunately for the presentation on this site, there are optical effects in the painting that cannot be captured in a digital image; they can only be seen in person and become more apparent as one moves from left to right or right to left in relationship to the painting.