Terra Incognita

I’m teaming up again with Kenny and Polly Jones for an exhibition we’ve entitled Terra Incognita. The show opens to the public today at the ACU Downtown Gallery in Abilene, Texas. The reception for the exhibition has been planned to correspond with Abilene’s Art Walk on April 11, 5:30-8:30 p.m. Below you’ll see the front of the postcard designed to announce the show.


The title and concept for the exhibition came from the practice of labeling undiscovered or unexplored lands on maps as “terra incognita”. These were mysterious places that could only be approached through the imagination, yet, if real, would eventually be explored and charted. Sometimes the terra incognita never really existed, such as the continents of Mu and Lemuria or the fabled Kingdom of Prester John. In individual ways, each of us embarks toward uncharted territory in our works; we explore a terrain that is brought into existence, that becomes a place.

This is our second fruitful collaboration on an exhibition. Several years back we developed a three-person show called Palimpsest.